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Deities: http://pastebin.com/1hvL16sU

Quick intro: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2×6mra84l6kltc0/Whitespire.pdf?dl=0

Bullywugs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m44r9ejr6lwj2br/homebrewery.naturalcrit.pdf?dl=0

Hello! Here's the characters so far:


awesome. i've got the character clear in my mind now. Kriven of Clan Dathkandalor, Black Dragonborn warlock who serves the Black Stag. Kriven was slain in a battle when his clan fought encroaching orcs, but The Black Stag spared him from death as long as he served as his warlock. The Black Stag demands that Kriven takes life, but only where necessary, and undead are abhorrent to it. I'll come up with a sheet shortly.


I am Yutuil of clan Broadhorn, Dwarven Cleric in the Service of me Lord the Father Wolf.
I have spent the last several decades as a low level acolyte in the churches service, but have decided that my body has become soft, so I must travel forth in search of adventure.


Birdsong, the Revenant Tiefling Bard, of merchant noble house decent, unfortunately deceased, brought back to life for reasons @The_Clam  still needs to determine, now hunterd by her family for not staying dead


Ok. Razir, the Blue Dragonborn Fighter. Grew up in the slums of Whitespire, however he found that his natural strength served him well in taking what he wanted from others. After some years, to escape the law beginning to catch up with him, he boarded a ship and left for the open seas. Razir grew to love his captain and think of him as the father he never had, which made things all the worse when the crew staged a mutiny, leaving Razir and his captain for dead on some desert island. Razir now journeys to search for information of their ship and those who betrayed him.

Archdruid Skiffee:

Lawl Ur'Kawl was the Bullywug of Bullywugs. He enjoyed hiding in the mud, searching for shiny things in the mud, and keeping strangers out of his mud! His family has always been the smallest of the swamp at a little under a 4ft average height though. Lawl is a little smaller still. Just barely over 3.5ft, he is likely the smallest Bullywug in the swamp. His family has received a lot of "Bullying" (pun intended, haha) because of their size, but they've begun adapting by becoming quicker and smarter than the rest. They make sure to pass their wisdom down the line, along with a very peculiar white marble bell. Upon receiving the bell, Lawl decided to take his only friend (a small toad) out of the swamp to discover its origin and hopefully make a place in Bullywug history for his family.


Ramira Wonderla has spent the past 6 months of her intelligent life reading through everything in the library. She took her name from a storybook filled with pictures, which was almost completely eaten by rats. Her attempt at creating better friends has driven her into a difficult situation, currently at the party’s mercy as she’s wondering if she’ll ever see the outside world with her own, tiny black eyes.

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